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We at  Bhagyalaxmi dedicating our services to the society for better vision

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

At Bhagyalaxmi We Are Helping Children To Develop Their Learning Skills

Welcome to Bhagyalaxmi Health & Education Society

Bhagyalaxmi health and education society Nagpur founded by association of a few inspired and motivational individuals who are intellectuals and has been active in the field of social welfare since its very inception while pursuing the aims and objectives for which this society has been formed it has not lost sight of the obligation and responsibilities enjoined upon the citizens to contribute their mite to help their fellow bothers to mitigate the hardships. History shows that from the dawn of civilization intellectuals have been beacon lights in the affairs of societies as they have always led the rational forces against the irrational. Knowledge and enlightenment has always been at war with stupidity, prejudice, lust for power and factionalism. Simple stability of the society dos not fascinate the intellectuals. Any society not founded on justice and morality is always a eye sore to them and they want transformation and improvement and they devise means and ways of rendering services to the underprivileged, unprivileged poor sections of society to ensure good life, through various combinations of intelligence, wealth and public participation in the administration

Strategies of the Work

The organization strongly believes that active participation of the beneficiaries for success of any activity is inevitable and hence the organization involves the beneficiaries right from the stage of planning, monitoring and evaluation of the programes for sustainability and long lasting impact.

Area Of Operation

The area of operation of Bhagyalaxmi Health and Education Society is whole India but at present we are focusing on the Vidarbha.


Target Group

Rural, urban poor, Tribal and minority underprivileged communities of the society. Our special emphasis is on welfare and development of youth, child, aged and vulnerable segment of the society. Health care, Eye care and Malnutrition are on priority list.

Year – Long Programmes / Activities

Teaching Programs For teachers


Awareness Programs for TB and AIDS<br />control

Cataract Surgery Camp

Blood Group, Routine Stool Examination Camp


ECG Check up Camp

Total Body Check up Camp

Provision of spectacles for poor


School screening camps for Amblyopia

School screening camps for Malnutrition


Camp against Amblyopia

Educational Insurance

EDP Training to students