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About Us

The office bearers and members of this society are public-spirited men and they are sincerely interested to serve the humanity in some form such as  participation in a social reform movement, identification with  a humanitarian cause like eradication of disease and ignorance. They are always sustained by the conviction that their work has positive value which nothing can impair or destroy. For instance when a scientist discovers remedy for a disease which has taken a heavy toll of human life, he experiences a joy which monetary rewards cannot give him.

IT is with undaunted spirit that the society has undertaken various activities and programmes in the specialized field of eye care which is the domain of central focus of this society.

The society has been organising various camps especially for the benefit of underprivileged poor persons in the periphery of Nagpur city.

Bhagyalaxmi’s Team

Dr. Rochaldas N. Chhabrani

National Precident

Mind, Speech, Body filled with the nectar of righteousness those men and women doing yeomen service to the humanity in the whole world, lofty like mountain, even as continually evolving in their own hearts, mediating always on public good, relentlessly working to help others and thus leading their life are Angels indeed!

The source of inspiration for social welfare and charitable activities is in fact a senior member of Chhabrani family namely Shri Rochaldas N. Chhabrani, father of Dr. Kamal Chhabrani presently secretary of this  NGO(Society). The seed of this NGO plant was sowed by Shri Rochaldas years ago which has now transformed into tree.

There is always existence of extraordinary persons in the society who cherish the passion for selfless work for the food of humanity and thus lead life setting example for others to emulate. Shri Rochaldas Chhabrani is such person. Shri Rochldas stared distributing Free Spectacles to needy people from 1990 and he also helps poor young persons to find their life partner and arrange second marriage for the young windows by providing them counselling and support. Shri Rochaldas gives donations to around Rs. 10000/ year to Educational Institutes, aged and Handicapped people.

The NGO gratefully places on record its deep appreciation for the contribution of Shri Rochaldas Chhabrani and guidance that has gone into the foundation and growth of this organisation.

Dr.<br />Kamal R. Chhabrani


The work initially started by Dr. Rochaldas Chhabrani has been later efficiently handled, shaped and well organised by his son Dr. Kamal Chhabrani who is secretary of the Society. He has not only managed the work successfully but also shaped the NGO into shape what it is today.

The NGO has immensely benefited from his hard work, rich experience of the Medical Profession and innovative ideas about the activities and programs chalked out and efficient implementation of the same. What is remarkable is that Dr. Kamal Chhabarani also has the same genuine passion like his father for social wellbing with special focus upon the unprivileged and underprivileged poor sections of the society. A

variety of programs and activities carried out by the NGO till recent past under able leadership of Dr. Kamal Chhabrani should bear testimony to his passion for doing public good.

Mrs. Bhagwanti Nankani

Vice Presidents

Dr.<br />Meera I. Shyamdasani


Mr.<br />Sandeep P. Raheja


Dr.<br />Pahalajrai L. Raheja


Mr.<br />Arjun L. Nankani