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Bhagyalaxmi’s Blood Group, HB% and routine stool examination camps in slums

We have been active in this field since 10 years and o far we have conducted 28 camps in the slums existing at various locations at periphery of city. As per survey it is estimated that about 445 slums are there in and around Nagpur city and hence the scope for our activity promises to continue in future. We have plans to launch the health awareness programmes more rigorously in the slums throughout the year and also to review the situation later on.

Special camps are organised by us in slum areas wherein services for determining blood groups, % of HB checking and routine stool examination are offered. In appreciation of the fact that generally the condition of hygiene, environment, cleanliness prevailing in the areas occupied predominantly by slum dwellers are far from satisfactory. It is also common knowledge that no one including politician (who visited the slums at the time of election for votes and forget the promises and assurances until next election) appear to be serious enough and sensible enough to the genuine problems affecting the health and the very life of the slum dwellers. Men, Women, children’s are also part of society and are citizens of this  county and undoubtedly it is the bounden duty of every welfare government to pay attention for improvement on priority.

In this context the role of NGO’s is crucial as their work is in fact in the interest of and in furtherance of the Govt. Policy and which is why the Govt. is also very keen to promote the NGO activities aimed at overall betterment of lifestyles of concerned citizens. IT is in this perspective that the camps organised by us in the slums prove useful and effective. We have witnessed that people welcome such endeavours and unhesitatingly extend their full cooperation and support to such camps which are essentially meat to serve the humanitarian cause and are philanthropic in nature.

Camps specially and exclusively for ECG test are also organised by us in the city at various venues from time to time for the benefit of patients and also for other health conscious people who are inquisitive to clear the suspicion about some disorder, if any, in heart beats. We reiterate that this work is also philanthropic in nature. It may be noted that likeminded public spirited people came together to form this society for the cause of health in all its relevant aspects and note merely focusing on the eye care alone. In this view of the matter our endeavour in the chosen field of activities and mission assumes significance as being all inclusive when the cause of health fand education is addressed in its right earnest. So far nearly 700 people have benefitted from the services/diagnosis offered at camps.