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Bhagyalaxmi’s TB & AIDS Control Awareness Program 

Awareness by means of seminars, lectures, display of banners is done and the same has impact on the masses. We in our society have been doing everything possible in the matter.

In all 30 such campaigns at  various venues have so far been arranged by us in the city.

We have organised camps and awareness campaigns on the important issues like T.B. Control and AIDS Control. It need not be overemphasised that even today though TB is no more deadly and fearful disease as it was in old days. With advancement of research in the area of Medicines the disease has been brought under control. How ever this may not be the case with AIDS. The AIDS is comparatively of recent origin and the scientist world over are still struggling and researching to find out the effective drug to cure the disease. The disease has taken the world for a stride and as per survey the no. of people suffering from AIDS in India is alarmingly high. Hence it is utmost essential to spread awareness and enlightenment on prevention and precaution to avoid infection of this deadly disease. As for T.B. as there are large no. unprivileged and underprivileged people who hardly can afford to make both ends meet and do not get nutritious food and such people become susceptible to tuberculosis on account of malnutrition and miserable hygienic condition prevailing in their houses  and around the area they reside in. It is in this perspective that our organisation is very keen to carryout campaigns and to hold camps where people are informed, educated with regard to all the aspects of TB and AIDS. Awareness about these diseases surely help bring down the high incidences.