Bhagyalaxmi Health & Education Society

Better Eyes for A Better Life

We at  Bhagyalaxmi dedicating our services to the society for better vision

Total Body Checkup Camp Along With Physician 

Even as the specialized services at this society (Bhagyalaxmi Health and Education Society) are available at very reasonable and affordable cost to everyone, the society in its endeavour to do social welfare had been instrumental in distributing spectacles free of cost  to the needy poor people. The society organizes such events from time to time for the benefit of poor people. Eyes are a very precious gift to human beings. One shoulders to imagine the plight of unfortunate ones who are blind or whose vision is precariously impaired. What the society has been doing selflessly is only provide some relief to the underprivileged people who need spectacles but cannot afford to buy.

As a normal and regular activity the society has been conducting such camps in the city to benefit general public and the poor ones in particular. As everybody knows that the total body check-up may give rise to many check-ups such as blood pressure, blood sugar level and other pathology test as may be required in some cases. At present carrying out such tests on price in the pathology laboratory, clinics etc. are a costly affair. In this context the total body check-up camps organised by the society to serve the part of philanthropy have been proved to be of great advantage ot the needy people because no charges are levied. All the social activities carried out by the society are purely philanthropic in nature and spirit.

Camps are conducted in semi urban and rural areas in the vicinity of Nagpur Region.

In these total body check-up camps we ensure that the services are rendered through physician. In such type of camps organised along with Physician. In such type of camps organised along with Physician are proved to be efficacious. Such body check-up camps are conducted at various venuses from time to tie for which adequate planning, arrangements is done well in advance and it is needless to mention that overwhelming response is received from people. So also there are other socially motivated people and groups active in the city and we received cooperation and assistance from them as and when required by us to make the camps successful. In all 70 total body check-up camps have been successfully organised by us so far.

We have distributed spectacles to the needy poor people in the rural areas of Nagpur after checking their eyes for any abnormalities.